Louisiana Business Incubation Association
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Benefits Of Membership

Benefits Of Membership

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For Incubator Managers, Board Members, and Support Staff

Regular meetings and forums covering topics of concern to incubation professionals, board members, and support personnel.

Internet and e-mail linkages to provide information and communications to our members and colleagues.Seminars and workshops with experts providing training for the targeted needs of Louisiana business incubator projects. Directory/database of incubators, developers and operators, and tenant firms.

Linkages to the National Business Association (NBIA) and other incubation organizations.

For Elected Officials and Economic Development Professionals

An additional economic development tool to help you integrate incubators, and their technologies and resources into your communities’ economic development activities so as to more effectively assist the businesses you serve and support.

A clearinghouse to link entrepreneurs and fledgling small businesses with incubators and their services

Support from incubator managers across the state to assist communities interested in starting and maintaining incubators

Resources to provide needed services and assistance to floundering local companies through the business incubators’ outreach programs.

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